What Students Say…


I took two years of art with Mrs. Cannon. I started out loving art and now adore it, and I’m better equipped to pursue it. It was extremely helpful to have feedback on my artwork and I loved her comments, they were always thoughtful and useful. Mrs. Cannon didn’t just treat me as a kid who sent her smart-phone-taken pictures of art, she took the time to help me through the difficult spots, she answered my pleas for help every time a disaster seemed to hit me, and she offered advice when I floundered in a black hole of art. My time with her has been a blessing. I recommend her to anyone who wishes to learn a greater love of art, and anyone who wants to have fun doing it.

Mrs. Cannon is a fun and creative art teacher. She always has interesting and thought provoking art assignments. She is an inspiring artist to look up to. I would recommend her as an art teacher to any student looking to get into art.