Studio Art: Explorations

What is Art?

Hannah Master Copy
Student Master Copy

The Ancient Greeks pursued what is true, what is good and what is beautiful.  Truth. Goodness. Beauty. These are the Classical Ideals.  The artists of the Renaissance rediscovered these ideals and continued the pursuit.  The Greeks, their cultural inheritors the Romans and the artists of the Renaissance through their pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty created artwork that the world today still reveres.  Yet, sadly in our current culture of relativity these questions: “What is True?”; “What is Good?” and “What is Beautiful?” are largely taboo.

At the Renaissance Academy students ask the questions.

Studio Art: Explorations leads students on an artistic journey to answer the Truth question: “What is Art?”

Through famous art of the Western world students will explore the answer to the Truth question.  They will learn different technical skills while familiarizing themselves with the Elements and Principles of Design. They will be guided in thinking independently and creatively about the art they see and the art they make.

Kyrie 2 point perspective
Student Perspective Drawing

The course will consist of study and discussion of the masterpieces of Western art; sketchbook exercises including non-evaluative exercises; projects, including real world projects; one-on-one evaluation of student artwork and class critiques. Live class time will consist of personal feedback, group critiques and class drawing exercises and games In addition, asynchronous instruction will be given each week through a playlist of videos, animations, and written instructions for exercises and projects.


This course will introduce students already familiar with a variety of dry and wet mediums to painting with oil paints. To view the complete supply list follow this link:

Explorations Supply List

sam dog sketch
Student Sketch


Must be 14 years of age by first day of class.  Acceptance to class based on portfolio review of 5-7 pieces of artwork. Portfolio should show a student’s drawing and painting abilities, focusing on representational artwork, with an eye to the principles and elements of design.

Course Schedule:

Monday 1:00-2:30 pm EST

September 2017-May 2018




120 hours of work equal to 1 high school credit in Fine Art


Max 9 students