Carrie Cannon tritattoocropped

Carrie Cannon eats salad and soup because every bite is different and interesting. As a young girl she flew out her window one night with Peter Pan straightWendy_Darling to Never-land.  There she told stories of King Arthur and Camelot while sitting in the branches of a giant tree amidst glowing fairies.

Eventually she was forced to leave in order to attend art school where she learned how to “paint it big and red” in Painting 101; how to use coffee grinds and eggshells in Design 101 and how to change light bulbs in Photography 101.

Not wanting to do any of those things she opened the door one day to the hallowed halls (specifically her favorite the “Cast Hall”) of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts where she finally learned how to see, how to draw and how to paint while covered in the leftover charcoal dust (which is just as flight enabling as fairy dust) of Classically trained artists such as Mary Cassatt, Maxfield Parrish and Thomas Eakins.

Her own love story began when her husband discovered her singing while mucking horse stalls.  Enchanted by her voice, he asked if she would sing him to sleep every night.  Being a romantic she ditched her pitchfork to join her knight on a lifelong quest.

peter and janeWhen Peter Pan finally found her again, after she had journeyed across the country a couple of times, she was sitting beside the beds of her seven slumbering children reading them fairy tales. She tried growing up and decided she did not like it; so she continues to hang out in the Young Adult section of the library among her best friends which are books.  In her latest adventure, she discovered the next generation of  lost boys and girls, not by flying on enchanted fairy dust, but simply through the click of her mouse at Veritas Press Scholars Academy where she led her creative friends on a star-studded journey to the world of art.

If, like Peter, you are trying to find her, try looking in the city art museum where she holds a sketchbook in hand, on scenic country roads where she races with her pastel blue Trek bike, or hiking in the park where she finds “a pleasure in the pathless wood” alongside her playing children.  If all those fail, try her local Panera where she enjoys eating both salad and soup.