The Value of an Online Art Course

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Recently, I was asked about the cost of Renaissance Academy courses. As a homeschool mom I understand the financial constraints that play a part in the decisions we make for our students’ education. Renaissance Academy courses have been priced very competitively with other online Classical schools. The courses I taught for the past two years at another Classical Christian online school are priced at $650 and have a similar cost for supplies, and is priced at about the center on the continuum of similar schools.

Courses at Renaissance Academy differ from most online schools in that the maximum class size is 9 students. This allows for much more one-on-one instruction with students than other online schools ( where you’ll find over twice as many students per class).

Renaissance Academy courses are live classes that meet once a week for 1 ½ hours. If you paid per class, the cost would be about $25 a class, less than what most private art instructors charge for that amount of time. It is comparable to the cost of swim lessons and gymnastics lessons, and far less than quality music lessons.

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However. Renaissance Academy art courses are not just a “once a week lesson on art techniques” as found in typical art lessons. Renaissance Academy courses provide students with an education in art history, promote critical thinking through online and class discussions, and teach students how to critically analyze artwork and to give and receive critique.

What is the value of a Renaissance Academy course? One of my students from last year is going on to major in Graphic Design at a well-known Christian college. One of my students won a Scholastic Art and Writing Award, a national competition which opens doors to other scholarships and educational opportunities. Three of my students won scholarships to art courses offered at different Art Colleges, including the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, the oldest art school in the United States and alma mater to notable alumni such as Thomas Eakins, Mary Cassatt and Howard Pyle.

Could you pay the same or less for art instruction somewhere else, such as a community college? Of course. However…will that instruction simply be teaching students how to make art? Will it give them the philosophical background to understand what is good, true and beautiful art? Will it be taught from the perspective of a Christian worldview?

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I received an excellent art education at my Christian high school. Regrettably, when I went to art school, I lost my grounding. The art world is mad with relativism. It can be very confusing to young adults who are trying to find their way in the world. I have designed Renaissance Academy art courses to challenge students to begin asking the deep questions about art that they will be faced with later in life, and have created a place where they can seek the answers to those questions under the guidance of a Christian instructor.

Registration for the Studio Art: Foundations course will close on Monday, July 31. Registration for the Studio Art: Explorations course will close on Monday, August 14. If you are unable to take a course this year, keep Renaissance Academy in mind as you make your plans for 2018!

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