The Future of Homeschooling

The_official_poster_for_the_film_Hidden_Figures,_2016What does the future look like for today’s homeschool students? It has been estimated by a professor at Duke University, that of all the students who began their education in the year 2012, 65% will have jobs that have yet to be invented! Did you see the recent movie, Hidden Figures? Based on the true events surrounding the early NASA space missions, NASA scientists, engineers and mathematicians were faced with solving problems never before encountered by humankind. Yet, due to the curiosity and creativity of some remarkable men and women the impossible became possible. In the same way, our students of today, will tomorrow be finding answers to questions that we have not yet asked!

It is a well known idea among Classical and Christian educators that education is the transmission of culture to the next generation. Of equal importance, however, is that education is the preparation of the next generation to create solutions to future problems. Information is critical to meeting the former stated goal of education. Creativity is imperative to meeting the latter.

Michelangelo “The Creation of Adam”

As homeschool moms, we do not want to stop at molding our students. We want to prepare our students for their future and whatever unknowns lie ahead, that they may successfully fulfill their God-given purposes for their lives. After all, God is the Creator and we have all been made in His image. Human beings are creative and designed to be that way by their Creator.

Sadly, the nurturing of creativity seems to fall behind the traditional information rich subjects such as history and math. Yet, the world’s greatest mathematicians in history made their contributions to the world because of their creativity!

Renaissance Academy courses are built on the foundation of art history, in order to pass on the Western world’s art culture to the next generation. The courses also are designed to nurture creativity, as we have all been created to create. Whether the students you know are preparing to be scientists, mathematicians or artists creativity will be a necessary skill.

If you or someone you know is looking for creative studies with a Classical foundation from a Christian worldview, take a look at the courses offered by Renaissance Academy. I would love to be a part of your student’s education in creativity!